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Aliança Estate Coffee
  • Region:  MOGIANA
  • Estate history
  • Aliança Estate officially dates from 1882, when the main building were erected, although it is believed that it was founded long before. Aliança Estate, located in the municipality of São João da Boa Vista, in the Mogiana region of the state of São Paulo, had its trajectory mared by coffee. Historical records indicate that slaves originating from Angoa, in Africa, were the ones who first planted and started producing coffee on the property, at the end of the 19th century.  As time passed labor was gradually replaced by European immigrants, but the farm never stopped its dedication to coffee. In 1986, Aliança Estate was acquired by new owners and after 1997, went through a period of development, renovation and technological modernization. The area planted with coffee was expanded and currently occupies 200 hectares. The Estate was equipped with modern technologies for coffee production and processing and high investments were made to train the employees and to hire experienced professionals to manage the business. 
  • Methods:  60% Natural & 40% Pulped Natural
  • Certifications:  Rainforest Alliance & UTZ Certified
  • Estate total area:  3,459.40 acres          Estate cultivated area:  494.20 acres
  • Varieties:  Catuaí
  • Estate Avarage production:  8000 sacas
  • Lowest altitude  2,788.00 feet          Highest altitude:  3,608.00 feet

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