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Alto Alegre Estate Coffee
  • Region:  SUL DE MINAS - BRASIL
  • Estate history
  • Alto Alegre Estate belongs to a traditional family of growers that since 1850 has been dedicated to coffee in the region of Jacutinga, Pinhal and Albertina, municipalities located between Minas Gerais and São Paulo states. The local high altitudes that reach 3,900 feet and fertile soils favor the production of high quality coffees. With 120 acres of cultivated land, Alto Alegre Estate is a reference of sustainable production with modern processing techniques. Coffees grown on the farm, mainly of the Yellow Bourbon and Yellow Catuaí varieties, present complex profiles and flavor notes rarely found in other origins around the world.
  • Methods:  Natural & Cereja Descascado
  • Estate total area:  1,309.63 acres          Estate cultivated area:  123.55 acres
  • Varieties:  Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai
  • Lowest altitude  3,608.00 feet          Highest altitude:  4,264.00 feet

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