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Qualicafex was founded in 2002, in the heart of one of Brazil’s most important coffee producing areas, on the border of South Minas and Mogiana Paulista.

Our main goal is to connect specialty coffees buyers with Brazilian growers and directly share the profits with the ones involved in the basis of the coffee chain, the producers.

• Mission: To market high quality coffees, while paying a fair price to growers, who are rewarded for their efforts and has sustainable conditions to keep raising quality of coffee.
• Vision: Recognition for the good services rendered and for transparent business practices.
• Principles:
- Integrity, transparency, reliance;
- Excellence in business relations;
- Fair deals in the domestic and foreign markets.


Coffee importers that establish a partnership with QualicafeX and its associated growers will benefit in many ways:

- Direct access to a wide array of quality coffees from all of Brazilian growing regions through one single company that acts on behalf of growers;

- Coffee traceability;

- Freedom to contact and visit growers, learn about their regions and estates;

- Reliability and consistency of supply;

- Quality control of shipments by expert cuppers, familiarized with the requirements of different import and specialty markets;

- Guarantee that price differentials are transferred to growers, with positive benefits that create a long term sustainable relationship.


How we work:

We work directly with the grower and always keeping the transparency and traceability in all steps of the transaction. Buyers have open access to all information related to the producers, while growers receive full information on the buyer and prices negotiated. The results of all operations are fairly distributed in an open chart between the involved in the business.

Our “modus operandi” is simple. Growers that are allied with the company receive strong support in terms of coffee processing. During the harvest lots of different varieties and originated from distinct systems of preparation are selected by a qualitative standard, always considering the optimization of quality.

Once the buyer approves the sample, his offer is discussed with the grower that authorizes the sale. Shipment logistics and quality control are under Qualicafex’s responsibility.


In order to help growers to improve the quality of their coffees, and produce on a sustainable way, QualicafeX not only acts as exporter on behalf of partner growers but also offer them the following services:

- Support in quality and sustainability issues;

- Coffee processing advice;

- Marketing support to characterize and promote the origin, the estate and the coffees; through our agency GSB2 Propaganda (www.gsb2.com.br );

- Commercial and logistic advice, introduction of coffees in the domestic market, selection, preparation and presentation of samples to Illy Café;

- Training for coffee cuppers and farm managers;

- Elaboration and maintenance of coffee blends to roasters.


QualicafeX’ founders have lengthy and diversified experience in distinct fields of the coffee business. Their background and expertise endow the company with a unique understanding of the needs of producers and importers of green coffee.

João B. A. StautJoão B. A. Staut - Economist specialized in marketing, João Staut has devoted most of his professional life to foreign trade, often in conjunction with the coffee business. Born to a family in the coffee business he was a coffee farmer himself and managed a coffee growers’ cooperative, where he supervised all operations, from agronomical extension services and coffee quality campaigns to exports. He was a marketing manager at machinery maker Pinhalense at the time of the development of the pulped natural system and joined P&A International Marketing when it was founded. João Staut is also active as a partner at advertisement agency GSB2, which specializes in coffee and related products and services and has among its clients a selected group of quality conscious coffee growers and associations. Trader with 30 years of experience, João had visited more than 40 growing and consuming  countries and has wide international network in the coffee community.

Carlos H. J. BrandoCarlos H. J. Brando - Carlos H. J. Brando - Engineer with graduate work in urban planning and business at MIT, Carlos Brando has 30 years of experience in the coffee business. During his period as a director of Brazilian coffee machinery maker Pinhalense he led a strong drive to improve the quality of Brazilian coffees and coordinated the effort to create the pulped natural processing system. In 1995 he founded the trading, marketing and consulting company P&A International Marketing, which has consulted extensively on the marketing of Brazilian coffees for the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), the 4 coffee producing regions of the State of Minas Gerais and many private clients and associations in most growing regions. Carlos Brando was a key consultant in the conception of the Cafés do Brasil Marketing Program and played a major role in the definition of the Brazilian coffee regions and the characterization of their coffees. Carlos leads a group of consultants that have dilivered services to many producing countries and to the ICO  (International Coffee Organization), specially regarding programs to promote domestic coffee consumption.

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