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QualicafeX has a transparent and flexible“modus operandi”meaning that it is possible for coffees to be exported by QualicafeX or directly by the grower if he/she wishes to do so. Both forms of operation are used depending on how familiarized the grower is with the coffee market.

While a larger grower can act as an exporter, this frequently isn’t the case of small or medium growers. For this reason some exceptional coffees from Brazil don’t reach the specialty coffee market. They end up mixed with other coffees of the same quality or even inferior, with origin and identity always getting lost in the blending process.

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By exporting the majority of the coffee lots, QualicafeX has full control of origin, quality and delivery. The origin and name of the estate are identified in all of the shipments and coffee bags. The buyer/importer has total access to the information about the coffees, the way they were cultivated, the farm’s sustainability practices and about the grower himself/herself.

Qualicafex is disseminating the concept of “relationship coffee” in Brazil, even to small growers of quality coffee. By working as a commercial and marketing arm to these growers, Qualicafex offers superb coffees to the market.


Utz Certified is an independent sustainability platform that operates a worldwide certification program for responsible coffee production and sourcing. Utz certifies that coffees have been produced in accordance with the Utz Certified Code of Conduct. This is a set of standards for social and environmental coffee growing practices and efficient farm management. Coffee certified by Utz demonstrates responsible coffee growing.

Coffee roasters are able to guarantee the source of their coffee when they purchase from certified growers. This process leads to better trade terms for coffee growers, makes coffee traceable for coffee roasters, and also creates long term relationships in the coffee chain.

QualicafeX is a member of Utz chain of custody, meaning that it is an authorized exporter for Brazilian Utz certified coffees.



- Mission: To trade high quality coffees, while paying a fair price to growers, who are rewarded for their efforts.

- Vision: To be recognized for the good services rendered and for transparent business practices.

- Principles:

  • Integrity, transparency, reliability;
  • Search for excellence in business relations;
  • Value addition to the products sold;
  • Fair deals in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Team work.

Benefits to coffee buyers:

Coffee importers/buyers that establish a partnership with QualicafeX and its associated growers can benefit in many ways:

  • ability to source a wide array of specialty and high quality coffees from the best Brazilian growing regions through one single company that acts on behalf of growers;
  • direct access to the best Brazilian coffees which are difficult to identify and import, including sustainable and organic products;
  • coffee traceability;
  • freedom to contact and visit growers, learn about their regions, estates, production practices and coffees;
  • reliability and consistency of supply;
  • quality control of shipments by expert cuppers, familiarized with the requirements of different import and specialty markets; and guarantee that price differentials are transferred to growers, with positive benefits that create a long term sustainable relationship and a sustainable business;
  • possibility to import containers with multiple lots, e.g., organic and non- organic coffees, or two lots with distinct varietals.

Benefits to coffee growers:

In order to help growers improve the quality of their coffees, and produce on a sustainable way, QualicafeX not only acts as exporter on behalf of partner growers but also offers them the following services:

  • support in quality and sustainability issues;
  • coffee processing advice;
  • marketing support to characterize and promote the origin, the estate and the coffees; through our advertising agency GSB2 Propaganda;
  • commercial and logistics advice, introduction of coffees in the domestic market, selection, preparation and presentation of samples to Illy caffè;
  • training for coffee cuppers and farm managers.

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