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Planalto Estate Coffee
  • Region:  SUL DE MINAS - BRASIL
  • Estate history
  • Planalto means a high plateau. Planalto Estate is a flat oasis in the heart of rugged South Minas Gerais. The farm has 2,250 acres of land at altitudes that range between 3,600 and 3,900 ft above sea level. Planalto Estate’s 700 acres under coffee are fully mechanized, from planting to harvesting. The varieties currently planted – Mundo Novo and Red and Yellow Catuaí – will soon be joined by 100 acres of Yellow Catuaí. The farm has record coffee yields, well in excess of the country’s average. The current coffee production is 14,00 bags/year. Mechanical harvesting is carried out in two rounds in order to maximize the percentage of ripe cherries collected. This system is much more efficient than the Brazilian standard practice of one single round of picking. Up to 50% of the crop is processed by the pulped natural system. The Estate has one of the best coffee processing facilities in the country. All the containers exported by Planalto are stuffed on the farm.
  • Methods:  Natural & Pulped Natural
  • Certifications:  UTZ Certified & BSCA(Brasil Specialty Coffee Association)
  • Estate total area:  2,248.61 acres          Estate cultivated area:  704.24 acres
  • Varieties:  Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuaí & Red CAtuaí
  • Estate Avarage production:  14000 sacas
  • Lowest altitude  3,608.00 feet          Highest altitude:  3,936.00 feet

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